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How do we select our parts? From the best brands that been put to the test in our career.

oil change Want to make a difference in an abused child's life._____At SUPREME1 We Stand for Kids.

At Supreme1 We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who can’t provide Proof of Vehicle Ownership and valid DL or ID for this service.

At SUPREME1, we understand technology, care about your investment, and are willing to go the extra mile for you, we can add a smart GPS tracker device in your vehicle that not only lets you know where the car/truck is on Google map, but also will let you know how fast, send alerts, etc.  Supreme1 vision is? To help anyone take control of your investment anywhere, time or circumstances, our mission is also to help authorities track vehicles faster even if the battery’s been disconnected for 24hours in case of a stolen vehicle, we are committed and equip with the latest GPS trackers and software.  

GPS satellite tracking is made possible through a network of high-tech devices including satellites, receivers, transmitters, cellular networks, computers and people to track time and location information. By tracking this information as often as every 5 seconds a wealth of information can be extrapolated. Many vehicle GPS satellite tracking systems are capable of also tapping into onboard computer systems to allow the user access to vehicle information and even provide some remote controls over the vehicle.


 Supreme1 Professional grade trackers are different in that they store the data in memory and send it to you as soon as the signal can be established. Our professional-grade trackers are solid, rugged and dependable! They have both advanced features other trackers only dream about.


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